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Me, myself and I
Photo: Mathias Sauter
I was born in 1970 in Cologne/Germany und I'm still living there.
The first pictures I took with 11 years, but my big interest began 1992, when I bought my first SLR.

In 1994 I started to work for Agfa-Gevaert AG and learned a lot about developing and the whole photofinishing process. I also had the priviledge to work with medium format, large format cameras and with a professional studioflash.

Later, I worked in applied technology and one year in research and development. The biggest benefit was that I could design a new process for the Agfa Scala, a unique film for b/w-slides.

In the meanwhile I own a Rollei 6x6 camera and I hardly use the 35 mm equipment. The SQUARE is now my favourite format and you can see lots of pictures in my gallery.

What else?
I use my computer for building my homepage, writing eMails, reading and writing in some newsgroups and so on.
Sometimes I ride with my mountainbike and from time to time I play saxophone.

OK, and now have fun!