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Rollei 6008
You are interested in technical things?

OK, it's not the secret of my success, but the experiences with my equipment may be useful for you.

When I started my hobby in 1992, I began with a Canon EOS 100. Later I expanded the EOS-System until the darkest day in my life, when almost the whole equipment got stolen. You can read more about all the 35 mm stuff I had in the 35 mm arena.
After that, I couldn't buy new equipment for about 2 years. In the meanwhile, my interest for a 6x6 camera was growing...

In November 2000 came the big chance: My good friend Erik sold a Rollei SLX with Rolleigon 80 mm / 2.8 for a very nice price! From that moment, I was addicted to the Rollei-System. Everything about this great system you can read in the 6x6 arena.